La Valee des Peupliers (1985)

La Valee Des Peupliers 1985 4821341

La Valee des Peupliers (1985)
Tycoon Valley (1987)
Orig Air Date: 6 January 1986, Canal 2, France

Gerardo Amato (Marc)
Wilifred Bolliger
Rossano Brazzi (Umberto di Lorenzi)
Mario Caiano
Mario Cordova
Nicole Courcel (Jacqueline di Lorenzi)
Renato de Carmine (Emilio) Max Delys (Vassily)
Dominique Giuliani
Paola Mallo (Richard Bernardini)
Tommasso Mottola
Jean-Philippe Puymartin
Anne Marie Scieller (Valerie di Lorenzi)

Dominique Giulani
Mario Caiano
Tommaso Mottola

Antenne 2 (A2), Paris (1985)
Tele Hachette, Paris (1985)
Video Staff (VIDST) (1985)
Condor Features (1985)

France, Italy (1985) & Germany (1987)

Synopsis, First Episode: First date of Air: 6 JAN 1986 (French)

Umberto de Lorenzi est à la tête d’une industrie du bois dans une région du nord de l’Italie, la Vallée des Peupliers. Cette industrie pollue et une commission veut fermer l’usine d’autant qu’il existe un projet de parc naturel.Ces enjeux traversent la famille De Lorenzi. Richard Bernardini qui a épousé Valérie De Lorenzi, veut fermer l’usine; il n’oublie pas que De Lorenzi a ruiné sa famille qui dominait la Vallée des Peupliers. Umberto qui contemple la maquette de son empire aurait aimé avoir une famille plus unie. Ses enfants, Marc, Michel et Valérie ont grandi sans leur mère, Jacqueline, qui vit à Paris. Vassily, essaye de le faire chanter. Il a une attaque.

Synopsis, First Episode: First date of Air: 6 JAN 1986 (English translation)

Umberto di Lorenzi is at the head of a wood industry in a region of the north of Italy, the Valley of the Poplars. This industry pollutes [the area] and a commission wants to close the factory in favor of an existing project to turn the area into a natural park. The high stakes anger the di Lorenzi family. Richard Bernardini, who married Valerie di Lorenzi, wants to close the factory; he hasn’t forgotten that the di Lorenzi family has ruined his own, who once dominated the region of the Valley of Poplars. Umberto, contemplating the scale of his empire would like to have one, more united family. His children, Marc, Michel and Valerie have grown without their mother, Jacqueline, who lives in Paris. Vassily, tries to make it as a singer. He has an attack.

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