Rossano Brazzi Filmography


Rossano Brazzi Filmography

Ritorno (1939)

Rossano Brazzi and Marte/Marta/Martha Harell, from Cinevita, 26 September 1942. Courtesy of Connie Liss.

Geza Von Bolvary
Giuseppe Fatigati

Guido Cantini (1889-1945)

Riccardo Zandonai 1883-1944

Art Director
Giorgio Pinzauti

Rossano Brazzi
Maurizio D’Ancora (b.1912)
Beniamino Gigli (1880-1957)
Marte/Marta/Martha Harell
Werner Hinz
Guglielmo Sinaz

La Itala Film

D’Ancora’s real name was Rodolfo Gucci.
Gigli was a well-known and enormously popular operatic tenor. His works are still available.
Sinaz also appeared with Rossano in La grande aurora, Noi Vivi/Addio Kira and Silenzio, si gira!

Rossano Brazzi from Cinevita, 26 September 1942. Courtesy of Connie Liss.

Rossano plays the role of Michele Donato, a musician, composer and director. “Ritorno” refers to the operatic work he is composing, “The Return of Ulysses” … specifically created as the debut vehicle for his love, a beautiful singer played by Marte/Martha Herell. Disillusioned with what he perceives as her abandonment of his work on her road to success, he nearly destroys it by re-working it as a contemporary showtune piece, only to catch himself at the last minute. She performs the work at La Strada to critical acclaim, along with tenor Beniamino Gigli.

Rossano’s intensity as a performer has always lended itself well to roles as musicians – specifically pianists – and conductors, and this is one of his earliest performances as an orchestral conductor, a role he took up again in Interlude and then again, briefly, in The Battle of the Villa Fiorita.

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