La ragazza in prestito (1965)


La ragazza in prestito (1965)

“Engagement Italiano”/Literal: “Girl on Loan”
Tony Anthony
Rossano Brazzi
Merisa Merlini
Renzo Palmer

Alfredo Giannetti

Director of Photography
Enzo Serafin

Armando Trovajoli


For two years Clara has been waiting for Mario to marry her. He is a good-looking wastrel who spends most of his time in the company of four equally ineffectual individuals. Mario’s trouble is that he hates work. When his father died he was left a not particularly prosperous furrier’s business which is managed by the dominating Regina whose activities also extend to the home of Mario and his mother, and what Regina says usually ‘goes’. Mario is treated by his mother like a three-year-old. He puts in an appearance at the shop only to get money. His days are spent at the gymnasium, the stadium and the billiard saloon. His chief ambition in life is to have a good suntan.

Franco, one of Mario’s friends, falls in love with Clara, who tells him she must marry Mario although she gradually loses all illusions about her fiance. One day, in the presence of their friends, Mario and Clara quarrel and Mario in a desire to show who is master slaps her on the face. The scene results in his losing not only Clara but also his friends.

The years pass and Mario’s looks are on the wane. He finds that the only person left to him is Regina. She, like a spider, has been waiting for years. They marry.

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Rossano Brazzi and Annie Girardot in La ragazza in prestito.

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