Il passatore (1947)


Il passatore (1947)

“The Ferryman”
Rossano Brazzi
Valentina Cortesa (see Il bravo di Venezia)
Liliana Laine
Folco Lulli
Carlo Ninchi (see I due Foscari)
Piero Palermini (see Il paese senza pace)
Camillo Pilotto (see La gorgona)
Alberto Sordi
Bella Starace-Sainati (see Redenzione)
Gualtiero Tumiati
Cesare Zavattini, 1902-1989 (see É caduta una donna)

Diulio Coletti

Dino De Laurentiis
Luigi Rovere

Federico Fellino
Tullio Pinelli

Director of Photography
Carlo Montuori

Costume Designer
Nino Vittorio Novarese (see Furia)

Art Director
Ottavio Scotti (see Il corriere del re)

Mario Serandrei (see Eleonora Duse)

Unavailable at this time.

Liliana Laine also worked on Il contrabbandieri del mare.
Lulli also worked on Il diavolo bianco.
Alberto Sordi, a very well-known and popular Italian actor and director, also worked with Rossano on Io e Caterina, which Sordi wrote and directed.
This is one of Dino De Laurentiis’ first producing efforts — obviously, he went on and made something of a name for himself after this particular effort. He and Rossano were initially close enough friends that DeLaurentiis stayed with Lydia and him for a period of time when DeLaurentiis first entered the business. Apparently, they had an argument of some sort and parted company.
Montuori also worked on Gli ultimi cinque minuti.

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