Television: Madigan, “The Naples Beat” episode, NBC, 1/31/73


Television: Madigan, “The Naples Beat” episode, NBC, 1/31/73

Rossano Brazzi
Arnolda Foa
Franco Giornelli
Raf Vallone
Richard Widmark

Executive Producer
Dean Hargrove

Roland Kibber

Oden Productions, in association with Universal Television
NBC, Wednesdays, 8:30-10p
5th of 6 episodes
Current Distributor: MCA-TV


The central character is described as “A hard hitting New York cop on special assignment … no matter where it takes him. He investigates crimes so diverse that they have no geographical or political boundaries.” In this episode, Madigan gets caught in the middle while in Italy, protecting a deported gangster who has information to spill about the heroin trade.

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