Incantesimo tragico (1951)

Incantesimo tragico (1951)

“Hechizo tragico”/”Oliva”/”Tragic Spell” (or incantation, charm)

Fiorella Betti
Rossano Brazzi, as Pietro
Alda Dondini (see Il treno crociato)
Giulio Donnini
Maria Felix
Irma Gramatica
Fausto Guerzoni
Italia Marchesini
Massimo Serato (see Il corriere del re)
Charles Vanel (see Gli inesorabili)
Maria Zanoli

Mario Segni (also co-writer)

Luigi Bonelli

Director of Photography
Pietro Portalupi (see Romanzo d’amore)

Roman Vlad

General Organizer
Luciano Vincenzoni

Unavailable at this time.

Donnini also worked on Barriera della legge.
Irma Gramatica was a famous Italian stage actress at the time of this film, but, more importantly, was one of the two people responsible for bringing Rossano into the business while he was still a student at the University of Florence. It was for the Gramaticas that Rossano auditioned while in school, and while a member of their stage ensemble, was discovered by Italian filmmaker, Michele Scalera. She was the sister of Emma Gramatica and Anna Capodaglio.
Zanoli also worked on The Barefoot Contessa.

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“As a troubled lover in Tragic Spell, an Italian film, Rossano Brazzi stars at the medal which cast an evil spell on his wife (Maria Felix), whom he saves from death.”

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