Honeymoon with a Stranger (1969)


Honeymoon with a Stranger (1969)

“Piège pour un homme seul””/The Trap for a Lonely Man
Eric Braeden
Rossano Brazzi
Cesare Danova
Janet Leigh
Joseph Lenzi
Barbara Steele

John Peyser


After blissful wedding night, American newlywed (Janet Leigh) discovers her new husband missing and a strange man (Cesare Danova) claiming to be the genuine article, supported by his lawyer (Eric Braden) and sister (Barbara Steele). Rossano plays the police inspector, who finds himself having to solve the baffling case, all the while being petitioned by one of his officers to install a loud bubble siren on the town’s only police car. The subplot is actually quite funny, as is the continual shower of plaster falling on his head every time he sits behind his ancient desk – a new road is being built nearby and dynamite is constantly kicking up dust and loosening plaster. Location filming in Spain. Robert Thomas’ play, “The Trap for a Lonely Man” was remade twice more for TV: “One of My Wives is Missing” and “Vanishing Act”.

Rossano and Cesare Danova, of course, had been friends for decades when this picture was made, and he’d known Janet Leigh since the making of Little Women in 1949.

Memories (Janet Leigh)

One of our members had asked actress Janet Leigh about her memories of the making of this film, and she replied with a wonderful letter. As some of the letter was personal, the date and the personal portion had (understandably) gone missing, but I’ll try to find out the exact date of the letter:

“As you requested, following is my Rossano Brazzi story. I first met Rossano when I was making Little Women. He was new to the United States and new to American movies. He was a lovely, charming, gracious, very handsome European gentleman and everyone adored him on the set. He was rather shy because he didn’t speak English very well and so at that time it wasn’t as much a social situation as it was later.

When we did Honeymoon with a Stranger together, he had not only mastered English, but we were much more comfortable with each other and it was a wonderful experience. It was a great group of people and Rossano was so sweet because my two children were with me and my daughter Kelly celebrated her 13th birthday while we were on location in Spain. Rossano came to her birthday party and he was very gallant and very sweet and kind to both girls and especially in attending her birthday party.

He was so helpful to me, because he spoke not only Spanish but, as you know of course, Italian, French and everything else. He was so generous and kind in translating to the press for me and for them. He was such fun and I just had the best time on that location. It couldn’t have been a more pleasant experience, plus which he is an extremely good actor and so it was a joy to have that back and forth chemistry in the scenes. I truly did enjoy him.


Janet Leigh

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