Mr. Kingstreet’s War (1970)


Mr. Kingstreet’s War (1970)

“Heroes Die Hard”
Rossano Brazzi
Tippi Hedren
Brian O’Shaughnessy
John Saxon

Percivel Rubens


“Loner and his wife find idyllic life at African game preserve disrupted by World War II and set out to do something about it. Interesting and unusual.

Leonard Maltin’s “Movie and Video Guide”

“The basic story of a animal conservationist (John Saxon) and his wife (Tippi Hedren) in the bush of Africa fighting to preserve their land and the animals from the British and the Italian, both fighting over the same territory — that is, the local watering hole. At the same time, their battle with both armies is undermined by Kingstreet’s jealous and drug-addicted younger brother.

Rossano plays Count-Major Bernadelli, leader of the Italian forces invading the land – and if we were to pinpoint a character he presented as unlikeable, distasteful, brutal and repugnant, this would be the character. He tries to rape Hedren, brutalizes his own men and alternates between being a tyrant and a buffoon … probably not one of my favorite characters, which means he was ultimately successful in making this Fascist Major as despicable as he could. We have yet to find a really good quality copy of this film, but they are available.”

From the July 1995 issue of the BRAZZI! newsletter.

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