Hawaii Five-O (1977)


Hawaii Five-O (1977)

“You Don’t See Many Pirates These Days”, CBS, 9/2/77
Production Information
This information has been provided by Karen Rhodes and Reg Jones of the Iolani Palace Irregulars:

“Using the accepted numbering system in Five-O fandom, “You Don’t See Many Pirates These Days” was episode #216, aired first on September 22, 1977 (the second episode aired that season). It bears production number 0708. The teleplay was by Bill Stratton, and the story by James Lydon. It was directed by Ronald Satlof (who later directed a number of the Perry Mason TV movies). The music was by Bruce Broughton.

Jack Lord
Rossano Brazzi (Zeno Stavrik)
Mark Lenard ( Lieutenant Commander Hawkins)
Bruce Wilson (Conroy Baylor)
Bob Apisa (Portuguese)
Beau Van Den Ecker (Joey)
Lord James Blears (Arfie Loudermilk)
John Fitzgibbon (Merkle)
Joe Moore (Stefan)
Sam Sanford (Greasy)
Josephine Over (Lab Assistant)
Daniel Cicogni (Sven)
Nelson Dick Fair (Captain Covalt)
Don Pomes (Perka)
Ed Fernandez (Joseph)
Mike Hendrickson (Pilot)
Bill Edwards (Jonathan Kaye)
Many of these cast members were local Honolulu residents who appeared in several episodes.”

Executive Story Consultant
Curtis Kenyon

Douglas Green (Executive)
James Heinz (Hollywood)
Fred Baum (Hawaii)
B.W. Sandefur (Supervising Producer)
Andrew Gottlieb (Assistant Producer)

Bill Stratton (Teleplay)
James Lydon (Story)

Ronald Satlof
Bob Enrietto (Assistant Director)
Buck Henshaw (Set Director)

Bruce Broughton (Music)
Morton Stevens (Theme)
Don B. Ray (Music Supervisor)

Jack Whitman

Art Director
Gibson Holley

Jack Gleason, A.C.E.

Unit Production Manager
Bernard Oseransky
Richard Dixon (Assistant to the Production Manager)

Location Casting
Dick Kindelon


“Pirates board a cargo ship and take control. One crewman attempting to escape is shot dead by Markle (John Fitzgibbon). The pirate band’s leader, Baylor (Bruce Wilson), angrily dresses Markle down. There was to be no gunfire, he says.

Danny Williams locates Steve McGarrett on his sailboat and ruins McGarrett’s first day off in three months. Although a ship hijacking is Coast Guard business, a call has come through from Jonathan Kaye (Bill Edwards). National security is involved. Muttering to himself, McGarrett says, “When they make an eight-day week, somebody will figure out a nine-day work schedule.” McGarrett meets with Coast Guard lieutenant commander Hawkins (Mark Lenard) to discuss search patterns for locating the ship. Meanwhile, Baylor tells Markle to put the ship’s crew in an inflatable raft with a signal beacon.

When the ship’s captain, Captain Covalt (Nelson Dick Fair), attempts to see the pirate leader, Markle wings him with a pistol shot. Baylor goes ballistic. No guns! A Coast Guard plane picks up the signal beacon and the crew of the cargo ship are rescued. Shortly thereafter, debris from the ship is located. Was the ship scuttled? Charlie (Josephine Over), the Five-O lab technician, says no.

The material in the slick is lubricating oil, not fuel oil. The ship may still be afloat. That possibility is confirmed when Baylor and Markle meet with Stavrik (Rossano Brazzi), the ship’s owner. He hands them a briefcase full of money and instructs them to sink the ship after the cargo is safely ashore. At the hospital, Five-O learns that Captain Covalt has revealed that thevoice of the pirate ringleader was that of the ship’s former first officer, Baylor. No wonder Markle wanted to keep the two apart! Concurrently, we learn that in exchange for his help, Stavrik has conspired with Baylor to fake the unloading of the cargo — military weapons — in Singapore so that he could resell them to another government for cash, plus access to oil for his ship line.

Jonathan Kaye [who is a semi-regular character variously situated in the Pentagon or the State Department] confirms Stavrik’s double dealing and orders McGarrett to have him arrested. But Stavrik has flown the coop in his private jet. McGarrett concludes that he’s still around. Aerial surveillance of the surrounding islands has revealed a collection of trucks parked near a sheltered cove on Maui. A Five-O team is sent there to investigate. Meanwhile, McGarrett, Danny, and an HPD team keep watch on a nearby airstrip. Stavrik meets Baylor and Markle at the airstrip for the payoff, which includes Markle killing Baylor. However, McGarrett intervenes and Baylor is only wounded. He promises to tell all at the trial.”

Thanks again to both Karen and Reg for their help!

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