Rossano Brazzi Filmography


Rossano Brazzi Filmography

La gorgona (1942)

“The Gorgon”

Poster from La gorgona (1942.

Annibale Betrone (see Noi Vivi)
Rossano Brazzi
Piero Carnabuci (1895-1957)
Lauro Gazzolo (1910-1970)
Tina Lattanzi
Mariella Lotti (see Kean)
Achille Majeroni
Camillo Pilotti
Tomaso Smith (see Kean)

Guido Brignone (1877-1958) (see Kean)

Sem Benelli (1877-1949)

Director of Photography
Otello Martelli (see Kean)

Florentia Productions

Domenico Gaido (see Il ponte di vetro)

1017 AD. The Republic of Pisa is organizing a fleet to drive out the Saracens who are infesting the Mediterranean. While the forces are away “The Gorgon,” the young daughter of a Pisan nobleman who has been heroically killed, comes to be solemnly invested as the figurehead virgin who will maintain a lantern to celebrate the men’s victorious return. In charge of the home guard is an ambitious young Florentine who feels deprived of the forthcoming honour and glory, and who seeks revenge by violating the sacred person of the virgin. He gains access to her well guarded quarters, but when the Gorgon falls helplessly in love with him, his desire for vengeance falls away. His plot exposed, he commits suicide rather than invoke the wrath of the Pisans. The Gorgon too takes her life by throwing herself from a high tower. Meanwhile, the victorious Pisan vessels return. Written by Jim Marshall.

Carnabuci also appeared in La leggenda di Genoveffa.
Gazzolo also appeared in Redenzione, La resa di titi, and La donna che inventò l’amore
Lattanzi also appeared in Maria Malibran.
Majeroni also appeared in Il paesa senza pace.
Pilotto also appeared in Redenzione, Furia, and Il passatore.
Benelli also worked on the 1914 version of La Gorgona as well.

Poster from La gorgona (1942.

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