The Love Boat (1982)


The Love Boat (1982)

“The Gigolo” (ABC). Original air date: 10/2/82 as a two-hour movie.

Rossano must have loved doing this: star billing in a 2-hour long top rated American program and all he had to do was get in his car, drive a couple of blocks and memorize about 6 lines of dialog. Ah, yes, such is the clout of a world-renowned film star!

He plays Signor Franzini, owner/operator of a gigolo escort service. OK, a pimp. But a high-class one! David Birney plays the gigolo. Meredith Baxter Birney plays the client who falls in love with him. In Part I, Rossano ominously predicts that David Birney will leave the business because he has fallen in love with the client. In Part II, he ominously threatens to (Brazzi Trill Time): “rrrrrrruin!” Birney’s career as a gigolo for doing exactly that. They scuffle briefly. It’s molto exciting. Tell you what – he’s definitely the best looking pimp WE ever saw. But he was reunited with Ernest Borgnine (of The Adventurers) in this episode, and, interestingly, the second of the two scenes takes place in front of Tre Scalini, a rather well-known Roman restaurant/café.

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