Television: “People Are Funny”


Television: “People Are Funny”

1957, after the release of “Legend of the Lost”

Highlights: A Los Angeles gas station attendant is sent around in the world in an effort to earn himself a studio contract. He has met John Wayne and Sophia Loren, and now meets Rossano Brazzi in Los Angeles. When the host asks if anyone knows how to read Arabic, Rossano is discovered to be in the audience and raises his hand. He pretends to read Arabic, chats with Art and the guest in both English and Italian and almost sends the guest back to the pyramids in Egypt, then corrects himself, wryly. “Oh no, I am wrong. I am always wrong.”, and instead sends him to the Pyramid Mortgage Company on the corner of Hollywood & Vine. Funny appearance. Further proof that his parents did NOT die at the hands of the fascists as too many short bios always report: one of the questions he asks the attendant, after learning he passed through Rome, “Did you meet my parents?” (Answer: no, they wouldn’t let the man through customs!) Host of the program is Art Linkletter.

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