Il figlio di Lagardère (1952)


Il figlio di Lagardère (1952)

“The Son of Lagardere”

Rossano Brazzi
Raymond Cordy, 1898-1956
Nico Pepe
Simone Renant
Vittorio Sanipoli (see La vendetta d’aquila nera)
Milly Vitale (see Gli inesorabili)

Fernando Cerchio

Director of Photography
Arturo Gallea (see Vulcano)

Giorgio Venturini (see La leggenda di Genoveffa)

According to FERT, the production house in Turin in which both this film and “Il boia di Lilla” were filmed, the production house saved money on expensive down-time by regularly producing and shooting 2 films simultaneously, filming one while setting up shots for the second, using many of the same creative and technical crews for both films. Which certainly explains the similar “breakdowns” of these two films, and how Rossano managed to star in so many films in one year, in those days. It might also explain why he reported later that he became very, very tired of fighting duels! (Running back and forth from one duel in one film, to another duel in another film, without a rest between sword-fights, will certainly do that to a guy!)

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Cordy and Pepe both worked on La boia di Lilla.

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