Il diavolo bianco (1947)


Il diavolo bianco (1947)

“The White Devil”

Annette Bach
Rossano Brazzi
Wanda Capodaglio (see Tosca)
Armando Francioli (see Aquila nera)
Fulco Lulli, 1912-1970, (see Il passatore)
Piero Lulli
Roldano Lupi, 1912-1970, (see I dieci comandamenti)
Giulio Manenti, 1899-1955
Lea Padovani

Nunzio Malasomma

Set Designer
Arrigo Equini (see Aquila nera)

Director of Photography
Rodolfo Lombardi (see La forza bruta)


“The White Devil”: A tyrant cruelly bullies the residents of his Caucasus province. A rather fey toady caters to the despot’s every whim. The woman slated to marry the dictator’s attendant begins dreading the thought of wedding the loathsome fellow. She is much more interested in the dashing “White Devil”, the enigmatic masked man who has been fighting the wicked ruler’s oppressive ways. Rossano plays Prince Mdwami/”The White Devil””

“The All-Movie Guide”

In 1949, the French film publication, Mon Film published a full storybook on Il diavolo bianco. It’s long, it’s involved, it’s awkwardly translated (we bow, humbly) (so sue us!), and such a large document that it ought to take you, depending on your system (we look at our watches), oh, about (a) 30 seconds, (b) three minutes, (c) your entire lunch hour (have you considered getting a better system?) to download. But, if you’re a Rossano Brazzi fan, you’ll probably want to read it anyway, so Click Here!

Lea Padovani also worked on La barriera delle legge and La Contessa di Castiglione.

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