L’ingiusta condanna/Quelli che muoiono


L’ingiusta condanna/Quelli che muoiono

(1952/US release 1955 — also listed as 1968)
“Guilt is Not Mine”

Gaby André as Anna Valli
Rossano Brazzi as Carlo Rocchi
Mino Doro
Fedele Gentile
Ubaldo Lay
Elvy Lissiak as Barbara Soldani
Nanda Primavera
Guido Riccioli, 1838-1958
Umberto Sacripante as Vittorio Gori
Filippo Scelzo (see Il processo e morte di Socrate)
Gianna Segale
Amadeo Trilli
Sergio Tofano as Prof. Valli

Giuseppe Masini

Director of Photography
Augusto Tiezzi

Giuseppe Masini
Siro Angeli
R. Gentili
Luigi Giacosi (based on a story by Masini)

Music Composer
Carlo Innocenzi


Zeus; Electron


“In this drama, set in Italy during 1889, a young doctor meets and falls for the daughter of Tofano, a renowned medical professor. The professor does not approve of the affair and suggests the young doctor leave Rome. The physician goes to Obetello where he discovers a radical but successful treatment for malaria. Trouble ensues when he spurns the advances of an amorous neighbor. For revenge, she begins blaming the current malaria epidemic on him. As a result he is tried and sentenced to four years in prison for using unorthodox methods. His medical license is also revoked. In jail he is demoted to orderly. He promptly inoculates himself against the dreaded disease using his own treatment. He soon proves his innocence and is acquitted of all crimes. He then returns to Rome to marry his true love.”

From “The All-Movie Guide” and the Internet Movie Database

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