Sette uomini e un cervello (1968)


Sette uomini e un cervello (1968)

“Criminal Symphony”/”Seven Men and One Brain”/”Criminal Affair”

Ann-Margret as Leticia
Mimma Biscardi
Rossano Brazzi as Ross Simpson
Lando Buzzanca as Esteban de Flori
Rafael Carret as Antonio
Hélène Chanel as Georgette
Augusto Codeca
Alberto Dalves as Schwartz
Gianamaria Hidalgo as Ana Veronezi
Juan Carlos Lamas
Barbara Nichols, 1929-1976
Osvaldo Pacheco as Jose
Renzo Petretto
Nathan Pinzon
Javier Portales
Alfonso Senatore
Roger Smith as the Gambler

Rossano Brazzi as Edward Ross
Ted Kneeland
Daniel de Mendoza (assistant director)
Renzo Petretto (assistant director)

Director of Photography
Riccardo Younis (Eastmancolor)

Rossano Brazzi
Oscar Brazzi
Marcello Cossia
Alessandro Continenza (see Aquila nera)

Rossano Brazzi

Rossano Brazzi
Alessandro Continenza
Marcello Cossia

Art Director
Mario Vanarelli

Malena Sandor

The song “Domande” sung by Nico Fidenco
Carlo Rustichelli (Composer)
Bruno Nicolai (Musical Director)

Sound/Sound Editor
Jose Castellano

Rossano Brazzi

distributed by PAC

9,450 ft, 105 minutes

Executive Producers
Oscar Brazzi
Aldo Gatto

Associate Producer
Gilberto Forti Glori

Gianfiero Junti

Production Managers
Armando Frataioli
Juan Luis Rechaux


Rossano Brazzi plays a criminologist turned crook who devises one of the most ingenious methods ever shown on the screen for smuggling a $2 1/2 million fortune in gems past the police. The jewels were stolen from upper-crust, Buenos Aires society during an opening-night performance at the city’s Opera House, and must be taken out of the country immediately. Although the crime succeeds,through an unusual set of circumstances the loot escapes.

Co-starring with Brazzi in this adventure thriller is Ann-Margret who follows up her critically acclaimed role in “Carnal Knowledge” with still another unusual portrayal. In “The Criminal Affair”, Ann-Margret is Letitia, secretary to Brazzi, whose actions lead to the surprising climax.

The film, directed by Ted Kneeland and Edward Ross, is a GGP release.


As a top criminologist, Professor Ross Simpson has an acute understanding of the workings of the criminal mind – luckily, he is on the right side of the law.

Goaded by his mother to be wealthy, Simpson gradually changes his views towards crime and coupled with his gorgeous assistant, Letitia (Ann-Margret), who knows nothing of his plans, travels to Buenos Aires to structure and execute the theft of the century. The National Opera will premiere in Buenos Aires with the upper crust of Argentina packed into the theatre on opening night … probably $2,500,000 of precious jewels at one sitting!

A band of musical thieves is organized and, during the performance, burrows underground into the theatre, knocking down walls to the beat of the music.

The bedecked audience is put to sleep by use of an ingenious plan whereby the oxygen supply is taken from the air. The crooks, carrying their own oxygen supplies, quickly remove the crowd’s precious baubles.

At the last moment, the crooks breathing supply is exhausted; as they fall to the floor, Simpson produces an extra tank and exits with the jewels.

He then feeds the jewels to various caged rare birds he has assembled. Letitia, posing as an ornithologist, boards a plane with her birds even though the airports are being closely watched in an effort to find the jewel thieves – no one suspects a beautiful bird lover.

Simpson and Letitia are to rendezvous in Switzerland. He arrives to find that Letitia has released all but one of the birds, but Simpson, basically an honest man, embraces Letitia anyway as the camera closes in on the one remaining winged friend and the sparkling diamond it has brought them.

LIVE RADIO SPOT (30 seconds)

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Criminal Affair Exhibitors’ Showmanship Manual, courtesy of International Film Associates. Contributed by Connie Liss.

Lando also worked on Il cavaliere Nicosia
Barbara Nichols was an American actress, born and raised in Long Island, NY. This is her only Italian film.
Note Ann-Margret’s husband Roger Smith in the photo, behind her, wearing the dark glasses.

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