Rossano Brazzi Filmography


Rossano Brazzi Filmography

É caduta una donna (1940)

“A Woman Has Fallen”

Initially, we were relatively sure that the titular “fall” refered to her moral decline or some such, and not to her inability to remain upright on an icy sidewalk. Nonetheless … the one movie still we’ve found for this film has a woman lying unconscious in a hospital bed, with a rather astonishing full face of make-up, so perhaps the synopsis for this film ought to read, “A woman is not able to remain upright on an icy sidewalk, but is wealthy enough to afford Max Factor as a personal retainer”.

A still from É caduta una donna – unfortunately without Rossano Brazzi in the photo.

Alfredo Guarini

Rossano Brazzi
Jone Frigero
Claudio Gora
Isa Miranda
Luigi Pavese
Olga Solbelli
Carlo Tamberlani

Sandro de Feo
Ercole Patti
Vincenzo Talarico
Piero Tellini
Cesare Zavattini

Set Designer
Gustavo Abel (see Il ponte di vetro)

Director of Photography
Ubaldo Arata (see Il ponte di vetro)
Sergio Pesce

Scalera Films

Not available at this time.

Zavattini also worked on Silenzio, si gira!, La grande aurora, Il Passatore, Sette volta donna and, coincidentally, Caccia alla volpe, the cast of which included Rossano’s first wife, Lydia Brazzi.
Pesce also worked on I dieci comandamenti
Gora also appeared in I dieci comandamenti, I contrabbandieri del mare … and that great film classic, “Gidget Goes To Rome.” (Don’t panic, Rossano wasn’t in any “Gidget” movies, we just felt like mentioning it.)
Isa Miranda, born Ines Isabella Sampietro, was a very prolific Italian actress, but you may remember her as Signora (“I scarcely … know her.”) Fiorini, in the movie Summertime. She was married to director Guarini.
Tamberlani also worked on I dieci comandamenti, La Monaca di Monza, Il Passatore and Io é Caterina.

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