Il boia di Lilla (1952)


Il boia di Lilla (1952)

“La vita avventuriosa di Milady”, “Lilla”, “Milady and the Musketeers”The Adventurous Life of Milady” (Literal translation: “The Executioner of Lilla”)

Rossano Brazzi
Raymond Cordy, 1898-1956
Enzo Fiermonte
Armando Francioli (see Aquila nera)
Yvette Lebon
Nico Pepe
Vittorio Sanipoli (see La vendetta di aquila nera)
Massimo Serato (see Il corriere del re)

Vittorio Cottafavi

Director of Photography
Massimo Dallamano (see La leggenda di Genoveffa)
Vincenzo Seratrice (see I contrabbandieri del mare)

Giorgio Venturini (see La leggenda di Genoveffa)

Not available at this time.

Cordy was a French actor.
Enzo Fiermonte also worked on Angela and Caccia alla volpi, the latter of which also starred Lydia Brazzi. As a result of that friendship, it was Fiermonte, later in film production, who called Lydia and suggested she play the role of Mrs. Santa in Il natale che quasi non fu (“The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t“). After reading the script and being approached by Fiermonte, Rossano agreed to also star in the film, and to direct it. The other mutual interest the two of them shared was boxing: Fiermonte was a former boxing champion, as was Rossano, who had gone into acting and then into film production.
Yvette Lebon was a French actress.

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