Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Films: 1958-1960

Rossano Brazzi Article Library Films 1958 1960 4573448

Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Films: 1958-1960

Catalog Number Subject Title of Article Source, Author and Date Description
South Pacific (1958) New Movies Worth Seeing This Month by Florence Epstein, source & exact date unknown, 1958 Review of movie, mostly synopsis of film with comment, “The scenery would be great if it weren’t for that wild camera flooding the screen with every color of the rainbow, one color at a time.” Includes one photo.
South Pacific (1958) Good Housekeeping, May 1958 Full page color advertisement for “South Pacific”.
South Pacific (1958) Life Magazine, 3/24/58 four pages, all color, preview of “South Pacific”.
South Pacific (1958) “Who’s Who in Hollywood” #14 “Best Pictures”: Preview of “South Pacific” photo and text on Mitzi Gaynor and Rossano.
South Pacific (1958) “The Tale of South Pacific” Lehman Books, 66 pages, 1958 Hard-cover book on the making of the film.
South Pacific (1958) “South Pacific” LOOK Magazine, 4/15/58 Full page ad for “South Pacific”
South Pacific (1958) “Tales of the South Pacific” James Michener The stories which inspired the play and the movie.
South Pacific (1958) “Endangered Species: Six Days of Movie Musicals to Benefit Film Preservation” Lawrence Van Gelder, The New York Times, 6/30/96 Cover photo of Rossano and Mitzi Gaynor in South Pacific, announcing AMC fund raiser.
South Pacific (1958) Movie Stars, Real People and Me, by Joshua Logan Pub. & date unknown ‘Inglorious Technicolor” chapter, pgs. 116-123, Not very complimentary version of Rossano in the role of Emile de Beque.
South Pacific (1958) South Pacific Internet Movie Data Base Production credits, 3 pages.
South Pacific (1958) Biennale di Venezia Banca Dati Production credits, 1 page
South Pacific (1958) South Pacific AMC Magazine, June 1996, original source unknown reduced advertisement
0300.66 A Certain Smile (1958) A Certain Smile Internet Movie Data Base Production credits, 2 pages
A Certain Smile (1958) Biennale di Venezia Banca Dati Production credits, 1 page
A Certain Smile (1958) Films in Review, National Board of Review, April 1973 Entry: synopsis and small photo
A Certain Smile (1958) Are You Anybody? Bradford Dillman, Fithian Press, 1997 Two amusing anecdotes from the set of A Certain Smile
0300.67 Count Your Blessings (1959) Count Your Blessings Internet Movie Data Base Production credits, 2 pages
Count Your Blessings (1959) Biennale di Venezia Banca Dati Production credits, 1 page
Count Your Blessings (1959) Deborah Kerr by Eric Braun, © St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1978 4 pages from Kerr’s biography, with Kerr’s opinion on why the movie didn’t work as well as it should have.

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