Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Articles Without Translations


Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Articles Without Translations

Catalog Number Subject Title of Article Source, Author and Date Description
1400.41 Articles without translations Tosca Scalera Films Storybook, 14 pages, black & white and color. See also 0300.07.
1400.46 Aquila Negra Unknown In Spanish, no translation. Brief synopsis and casting list for Aquila nera. [Cross-referenced 0300.24]
1400.47 Il diavolo bianco/The White Devil (1947) Le diable blanc Mon film, 3/30/49 Storyline and photos, 6 pages, b&w, in French. See also 0300.31.
1400.50 Gli inesorabili (1950) Plus fort que la haine (Gli inesorabili) Film complet Storyline and photos, 5 pages, French. See also 0300.36
1400.52 Il boia di Lilla/La vita avventuriousa di Milady”, “Lilla”, “Milady and the Musketeers”, “The Adventurous Life of Milady” (Literal: “The Executioner of Lilla”)(1952) Milady et les mousequetaires Amor film, October – December 1953. Storyline and photos, in French, no translation. See also 0300.45
1400.57 No se case in Montecarlo (Loser Takes All) Premier Plano, 1957, Madrid Spain Coverage of the st, brief storyline; photos, in Spanish. See also 0300.60.
1400.58 Rossano Brazzi no quiebra su asombrosa fama Unknown He is approached by Anita Ekburg in a Roman restaurant while throwing a dinner party. Spanish text, 2 pages.
1400.5801 Rossano Brazzi, Idolo Romantico Cine Universal, January 1, 1958, by Maxine Block Mexico, Edition #33, in Spanish, text taken from Maxine Block’s previous item. Cross-referenced 0200.5801. 4 pages
1400.6208 “¿Vale la pena decir ‘Te quiero?” pregunta el romántico Rossano Brazzi ECRAN, Chile, August 3, 1962, in Spanish, por Therese Hohman Cross-referenced with 0200.6208 and 0300.74.6208. Accompanying photo and caption are from “Die rote”.
1400.96 [Quotation] “Cupid? Cupid? Stupid! Stupid!” Internet, 1996 German text, without translation, partial copy. Rossano quoted in “Tangaslip”: “Being impotent in The Barefoot Contessa got their sympathy …” [of the American women] Also filed: 0700.96
Escandalo en Villa Fiorita 3×5, Barcelona, Spain Advertisment only. Cross-referenced with 0300.78.
Quei vincitori dagli occhi neri Sergio Campana, Rimini Network Cinema dei partigiani initiated by “Tosca”, starring Rossano Brazzi.. Cross referencesd with 0300.07 and 0700.9604

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