Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Co-Workers, Peers, Etc.

Rossano Brazzi Article Library 9953783

Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Co-Workers, Peers, Etc.

Catalog Number Subject Title of Article Source, Author and Date Description
1100.87 Co-Workers, Peers, etc. John Wayne: My Life with the Duke Pilar Wayne w/ Alex Thorleifson McGraw Hill, 1987, Rossano on the set of Legend of the Lost, 2 pages. Also: 0300.62
1100.95 Michael Dunn “Hollywood’s Small Guys with Enormous Talent” Lewis Beale, The New York Daily News, 1/26/95 Re: Michael Dunn (Il castillo della paura)
1100.9510 Obituaries Dorothy Jeakins Variety Magazine, 12/4-10 Costumes, Three Coins in The Fountain, South Pacific.
1100.9512 Obituaries Robert Parrish Variety Magazine, 12/11-17 Director, The Bobo
1100.96 Obituaries Lucio Fulci Variety Magazine, 3/25-31/96 Re: Lucio Fulci (Dracula in Brianza)
1100.96 George Sanders Internet correspondence Dark Purpose and Caccia ai violenti
1100.98 Obituaries Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia Variety Magazine, January 19-25, 1998 Director of La forza bruta
1100.00 Obituaries Jean Peters Variety Magazine, October 30-November 5, 2000 Mention of Three Coins In the Fountain

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