Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Long Biographical Articles


Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Long Biographical Articles

Catalog Number Subject Title of Article Source, Author and Date Description
0200.4900 Biographical – Long Rossano Brazzi Mervin Houser of the Selznick Studios 1949 introduction to Rossano Brazzi, 9 pages, detailed.
0200.550315 “Italy Finds A Heart Throb” Henry Toby, Picturegoer Magazine (UK), 3/15/55 Rossano is introduced as Italy’s latest export; interview is after The Barefoot Contessa and before the release of Summertime. He compares Italian and American actresses, gives his opinion on several of them. Great photo of him in denim jeans, which he rarely wears in public. 1 page.
0200.5510 “Don’t Talk Love – Take Love!” Rossano Brazzi, Motion Picture Magazine, 10/55 Rossano compares Italian and American women and gives advice on love. 3 pages.
0200.5510 “Continental Charmer” Ed Meyerson, Photoplay, October 1955 Cover story/interview 4 pages.
0200.5603 “Censored: Rossano Brazzi’s Wife” Jim Shawcross, Hush-Hush, March, 1956 Why Rossano’s agents won’t let him bring his wife on promotional tours. 4 pages.
0200.5608 “He Leaves His Heart in Rome” Maria Russo, Photoplay, August 1956. Interview, 3 pages.
0200.5702 Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood Syndicated 2/17/57 Interview, 5 pages
0200.570221 “Latin Lothario with a Wallop” Hedda Hopper, 2/21/57, syndicated Reduced text of previous line item., but with Interlude photos.
0200.5704 “Tied-Up Dreamboat” Maxine Block, Silver Screen Magazine Incomplete, 4 pages, mostly photos, exact date unknown.
0200.570825 “A Latin Lover Looks at American Women” Peer J. Oppenheimer, Family Weekly, 8/25/1957 1 page with 2 photos
0200.5712 “How To Hold On to Your Husband” Lloyd Shearer, Star Weekly Magazine, 12/7/57 Interview with Lidia Brazzi
0200.5712 “No Love? No Movies!” Jesse Zunser, Cue Magazine, 12/14/57 Interview, 2 pages.
0200.5801 “Rossano Brazzi, Idolo Romantico” Cine Universal, January 1, 1958, by Maxine Block Mexico, Edition #33, in Spanish, text taken from Maxine Block’s previous item. Cross-referenced 1400.5801.
0200.5811 “Rossano Brazzi: New Latin Lover” People Today, November 1958, 3 pages Conducted while Rossano was on vacation on the Riviera.
0200.5901 “Rossano’s Revenge” Saturday Evening Post, by Robert Johnson, 1/31/59 Detailed interview, 5 pages (reduced)
0200.6612 “Brazzi Defends Italian Men” Sheilah Graham, Citizen-News, 12/10/66 2 column telephone interview. Cross-filed with 0300.82,0300.83 and 0300.79.
0200.6208 ¿Vale la pena decir ‘Te quiero?” pregunta el romántico Rossano Brazzi ECRAN, Chile, August 3,1962, in Spanish, por Therese Hohman Cross-referenced with 0300.74 and 1400.6208. Accompanying photo and caption are from “Die rote”.
0200 “The Seven Deadly Sins of Hollywood” Thomas Wiseman, Oldbourne Press 9 pages. Rossano’s deadly sin was flamboyance.

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