Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Miscellaneous


Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Miscellaneous

Catalog Number Subject Title of Article Source, Author and Date Description
0900.1898 Miscellaneous “A History of Venice”, Althea Weil, 1898. Photograph of the Renato di Rossi shop in Camp S Barnaba, taken from “Calle e canali”, @ 1891 or 1892. Cross-referenced 0300.56.
0900.5802 “Behind the Scenes with ‘Legend of the Lost Screen Stories, February 1958, Dick Williams 1 page of behind the scenes tidbits; Cross-referenced with 0800.5802 and 0300.62.
0900.5802 “The Question Box” Screen Stories, February 1958 J.F. from Montgomery, Alabama asks if Esther Costello was Rossano’s first picture. Filed under 0300.62.
0900.5802 “It’s Your Screen” Screen Stories, February 1958 Question regarding the August 1957 issue, asking if Esther Costello and The Golden Virgin are the same film. Filed under 0300.62.
0900.6204 “Million Dollar Movie” LOOK Magazine, 4/10/62 1/2 page ad for Detroit and Windsor’s “CKLW” station, photo of Rossano and other actors.
0900.6800 “Rossano Brazzi with his rarely photographed wife …” Unknown, estimated 1960’s. Lidia is now a blonde, estimated late 60’s? Seated at a banquet of some sort.
0900.7300 “Mamma mia! Rona Barrett’s Hollywood, May 1973 small photo from The Great Waltz, caption only about Rossano getting “plenty mad” if asked about breaking up with Lidia.
0900.94 The Secret Language of Birthdays Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers, The Penguin Group, 1994 Rossano mentioned on “born on this day” (September 18th), which is identified as a “Day of Mystery”
0900.00 Popcorn in Paradise: The Wit and Wisdom of Hollywood Holt, Rinehart, Winston, date of pulication unknown, edited by John Robert Columbo One quote only, source undocumented: “Sometimes my face is more beautiful than the leading lady’s.”
0900.9800 Pieraccioni: Uno dei maschi piu’ belli del secolo Qui Italia, 1998 Rossano is voted the 13th Most Beautiful Man of the Century, in Italy, in a survey conducted for a popular magazine. However, they couldn’t find any photographs of him, and couldn’t prove it in the magazine. Article 1 page, in Italian. Translation available in “Newsletter” section, 10/98.
0900.980411 Benvenuti, tanti “Amici” e molti guai Il Messaggero, 1998-04-11 Review of I miei piu’ cari amici in which Alessandro Glassman plays a character “baptized Rossano in honor of Brazzi”. 1 page, in Italian. Translation available in the “Newsletter” section, 10/98.

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