Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Gossip


Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Gossip

Catalog Number Subject Title of Article Source, Author and Date Description
0800.5509 Gossip Sidney Skolsky Gossip Sidney Skolsky, Screen Stories, September 1955 Rossano having a conversation with actress Terry Moore at a party.
0800.5802 “Mike Connolly’s Exclusive Report from Hollywood” Screen Stories, February 1958, 1 page A quote from Lidia about not complaining when other women make passes at Rossano: “When they stop, my husband and I are out of business!” Filed under 0300.62.
0800.5802 “Behind the Scenes with ‘Legend of the Lost Screen Stories, February 1958, Dick Williams 1 page of behind the scenes tidbits; Cross-referenced with 0300.62 and 0900.5802.
0800.5901 “Sheilah Graham’s Hollywood Showdown” Screenland, January 1959 2 items: Rossano not noticing that Lidia had gained weight; Rossano having lunch with a rather bitchy Simone Signoret.
0800.5904 Sara Hamilton’s Hollywood Photoplay, 4/59 Sara Hamilton is invited to Rossano and Lidia’s “farewell to L.A.” party before returning to Rome. Picture and brief accounting of a few of the guests.
0800.9412 “Family Ties of Brazzi May Lead to Capone” Hollywood Reporter, by David Robb, 12/28/94 1 page with small photo; daughter of Chicago mobster swears Rossano secretly married her in 1954 and they had a son. Divorce not being legal in Italy until 1974 this wasn’t even remotely possible, or even legal … but far be it from us to publicly question the daughter of Chicago mobster. Hollywood Reporter apparently didn’t, and (with one eye on the legal ramifications of reporting this wild, one-sided story) ran the story a few days after his death, while his family was otherwise occupied with grieving.

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