Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Name Mention In Other Topic


Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Name Mention In Other Topic

Catalog Number Subject Title of Article Source, Author and Date Description
0700 Mention in Other Subjects/Topics “Reception at the Ambassador Hotel” Motion Picture County Hospital newsletter Photo only. Taken at fundraiser for Motion Picture County Hospital, date unknown.
0700.9000 Parents’ Soup: Rachel to Rylan, The Best Named for your Baby, a Creative Guide to Proper Names Barbara Binswanger and Lisbeth Mark, 1990, Henry Holt & Co. Meaning behind Rossano’s name.
0700.9300 Marcello Mastroianni: His Life and Art by Donald Dewey, © Birch Lane Press, 1993 A few mentions of Rossano in historical context of Italian film history. 19 pages.
0700.96 “Cupid? Cupid? Stupid! Stupid!” Internet, 1996 German text, without translation, partial copy. Rossano quoted in “Tangaslip”: “Being impotent in The Barefoot Contessa got their sympathy …” [of the American women] Also filed: 1400.96. 2 pages
0700.96 “C’era una volte il Latin Lover” Anna Municchi From the Internet: Rossano mentioned as a historical example of a “Latin Lover”, 1 page
0700.96 “Days Of Our Lives: The Complete Family Album” Lorraine Zenka, date unknown Mention that the accent Joseph Mascolo uses for his character is Rossano Brazzi’s. 2 pages
0700.96 “Una Hollywood di Serie B” Anna Sartorio Via the Internet, the history of the FERT (Turin).
0700.96 “Getting Even” J. Peterman Company Manual #41B Description of the sort of man who would buy their canvas blazer: “In the city he’s the Rossano Brazzi of banking.”
0700.96 “XVI FantaFestival”: I firm in concorso” Luigi de Angelis, Internet Festival held in Rome June 17-27, 1996, Rome, in honor of Lucio Fulci. Rossano listed as one of the “international cast who worked with him.
0700.9604 Quei vincitori dagli occhi neri Sergio Campana, Rimini Network Cinema dei partigiani initiated by “Tosca”, starring Rossano Brazzi.. Cross-referenced with 0300.97 and 1400.9604
0700.970405 Primal Gere Can’t Save This Muddle of a Movie Bob Campbell, New Jersey Star-Ledger, 4/5/97 Reference to “the profitable but dull plateau of ‘leading man’ – a level settled by the likes of George Brent, Rossano Brazzi and, lately, Bill Pullman…” 2 pages
0700.97 Jupiter-Internet Award to Ornella Muti and Antonio Banderas The Internet Friends, Santa Monica, USA, Munich, Paris, by Mark Deauville Mention of Rossano as having been restricted as a result of being categorized as a Latin lover. 5 pages.
0700.970213 It’s Water Water Everywhere in Rome Copley News Service, by Judith Morgan @1997, 2/13/97 “It is possible that my lifelong love of travel can be traced to Rossano Brazzi’s lower lip.”
0700.980208 Kidnapped in Venice Les Villanyi, Portafortuna Travel Pages, 2/8/98, web site A character in his brief travelogue is described as looking like “a latter-day Rossano Brazzi”.

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