Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Short Biographical Articles


Rossano Brazzi Article Library: Short Biographical Articles

Catalog Number Subject Title of Article Source, Author and Date Description
0100.00 Biographical – Short Rossano Brazzi Source and date unknown One page synopsis of his career through 1975. 2 small photos, one from 1960, the other from Frankenstein, 1974.
0100.00 “Rossano Brazzi, the new Italian star …” Unknown Rossano Brazzi and Alida Valli at a cocktail party thrown in his honor at Ciro’s by the Selznick studios. Photo and caption only.
0100.49 “Choose Your Star” Photoplay, August 1949 Photo and caption, post-Little Women, 5 pages, mention only.
0100.56 “This Italian-born Don Juan …” Between Summertime and Story of Esther Costello, picture and caption only.
0100.63 “Not So Foreign Lovers” Unknown, estimated 1963 Photo and small text on European actors who are known as lovers, 1 page
0100.86 Horoscope Detroit Free Press,September 18, 1986 Picture and capsule synopsis of Rossano’s career, as well as his horoscope for 9/18/86.
0100.87 Rossano Brazzi The Motion Picture Guide, by Jay Robert Nash and Stanley Ralph Ross, Cinebooks, Chicago, 1987 1 page listing only. Cross-referenced with 1001.87 and 1002.87
0100.91 Rossano Brazzi Motion Pictures Players Credits, 1991, Jeffrey Oliver, McFarland & Co., 1991 Worldwide performers of 1967-1980, with filmographies of careers 1905-1983.
0100.96 Rossano Brazzi Internet Movie Database Filmography, 6 pages, both as actor and as actor and director.
0100.00 Rossano Brazzi Source unknown, Patricia King Hanson 2 pages, films as actor and films as director, brief biographical sketch, publications.
0100.96 Rossano Brazzi All Movie Guide Filmography, biographical sketch, 1 page

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