World of Entertainment, by Hugh Fordin

The Story of Cinema: A Complete Narrative History from the Beginnings to the Present by David Shipman, Ingmar Bergman

Jean Howard’s Hollywood: A Photo Memoir by Jean Howard (Photographer), James Watters

Behind the Scenes, by Rudy Behlmer

America’s Favorite Movies Behind the Scenes, by Rudy Behlmer

Bob Dorian’s Classic Movies: Behind the Scenes of 100 Great Movies from Hollywood’s Golden Years by Bob Dorian

Film Flubs: Memorable Movie Mistakes by Bill Givens

Roman Soldiers Don’t Wear Watches: 333 Film Flubs-Memorable Movie Mistakes, by Bill Givens

Film Flubs, The Sequel: Even More Memorable Movie Mistakes by Bill Givens

Reel Gags by Bill Givens

The Movie Studios

All The Stars in Heaven: Louis B. Mayer’s MGM by Gary Carey

The MGM story: The Complete History of Sixty-Five Roaring Years, by John Douglas Eames

The Paramount Story by John Douglas Eames

Lion’s Share: The Story of an Entertainment Empire (Cinema Classics) by Bosley Crowther

United Artists: The Company Built by the Stars by Tino Balio

Best of Universal by Tony Thomas

The Warner Bros. Story: The Complete History of Hollywood’s Great Studio : Every Warner Bros. Feature Film Described and Illustrated by Clive Hirschhorn

Inside Warner Bros. (1935-1951) by Rudy Behlmer

The Universal Story by Clive Hirschhorn

Memo from Darryl F. Zanuck: The Golden Years at Twentieth Century-Fox by Rudy Behlmer (Editor)

Memo from David O. Selznick by Rudy Behlmer (Editor)

Hollywood Dynasties by Stephen Farber, Marc Green

Foreign Film Reference Works

Hollywood and the Foreign Touch: A Dictionary of Foreign Filmmakers and Their Films from America, 1910-1995 by Harry Waldman, Anthony Slide

The International Film Industry : A Historical Dictionary by Anthony Slide

Selected Film Criticism : Foreign Films, 1930-1950 by Anthony Slide

Film Preservation

Nitrate Won’t Wait: A History of Film Preservation in the United States by Anthony Slide


A Collector’s Guide to TV Memorabilia by Anthony Slide

Movie Theaters

Palaces of Dreams: Movie Theater Postcards by John Margolies

Ticket to Paradise: American Movie Theaters and How We Had Fun by John Margolies, Emily Gwathmey

Great American Movie Theaters (Great American Places Series) by David Naylor

American Picture Palaces: The Architecture of Fantasy, by David Naylor

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