Rossano Brazzi Filmography

Ticket to Ride (Pilot) (1988)

"A Fine Romance" (Pilot)

ANDREWS, Anthony ... Michael Trent
WHITTON, Margaret ... Louisa Phillips
WOOLDRIDGE, Susan ... Anne
MOORE, Kevin ... Miles Barrish
BRAZZI, Rossano ... Castello
FAUCETT, Lucia ... Martha
FAUCETT, Kharis ... Jill
ROSSI, George ... Jock
GRIFFIN, David ... Nate
SARCHIELLI, Massimo ... Alexandros
JAMES, Oscar ... Terence
LENNY, Dinah ... Friday
SABELLA, Ernie ... George Shipman
SHAPS, Cyril ... Metzinger
PUPPO, Romano ... Alfredo
EDMONDS, Mike ... Carlo
HOUCK, Ron ... Red
COPPLESTONE, Geoffrey ... Krueger
FIORE, Domenico ... Man in Queue
HERRON, Buck ... Clerk
STEPHENS, Robert ... Consul
IORIO, Antonio ... Police Chief
WEIR, Molly ... Birdie


Executive Producer

Production Countries
USA, Great Britain

Pilot. Called "Ticket to Ride" in the UK

New World Television; LWT; Westwood Atrium Television

Comedy-drama about a divorced couple who used to present a travel show on American television. Michael is bookish and wants a quiet life, but his ex-wife wants him back on the programme, and away from his dull fiancee.


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