Il Destino in Tasca (1938)

"Destiny/Fate in Your Pocket"

Rossano Brazzi [1°]

Romolo Costa ... Leone Squassi
Claudio Ermelli ... Leonello Gigognani
Diana Lante ... Attilia Savelli
Vanna Vanni ... Giannina Squassi
Enrico Viarisio ... Camillo Duffignani

Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Rossano Brazzi
Bruno Calabretta
Clara Calamai
Guelfo Chiarini
Corrado De Cenzo
Barbara Fairbanks
Ernesto Gentili
Rita Livesi
Guido Morisi
Teodoro Pescara Pateras

Gennaro Righelli

Gennaro Righelli e Alberto Colantuoni

Renato Cogliati Dezza Per La Juventus Film


Release Date
27 August 1938

Filming Locations
Cinecittą Studios, Cinecittą, Rome, Lazio, Italy

This film was located on an Italian cinema web site (link now disabled), with the comment that this was Rossano's first film. Plot: An industrialist, while his wife is absent, loans out their bedroom to a friend while he goes to spend the night with a few jokers. The wife returns home unexpectedly, lies down, ignoring the substitution, and the sleeping guest remains unaware that she is occupying the same bed. A scandal breaks out the following morning, involving blackmail, and a few enthusiastic fistfights. Comedy.

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