Rossano Brazzi Filmography

La forza bruta (1940)

"The Brutal/Brute Force"

Rossano Brazzi
Juan de Landa
Maria Mercader
Germana Paolieri
Cesare Polacco
Pina Renzi
Ugo Sasso

Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia

Director of Production
Valentino Brosio

Director of Photography
Arturo Gallea
Rodolfo Lombardi
Ugo Lombardi

Art Director
Gastone Medin

Gino Carlo Sensani (1888-1947)

Lux Films

Not available at this time.

de Landa also worked on Il re si diverte. He is listed in Osso's biography of Rossano as Juan de Moor.
Mercader also worked on Il re si diverte.
Polacco also worked on Noi Vivi/Addio KiraFuria.
Sasso worked on Cronaca di due secoli, I dieci comandamenti, Aquila nera and La prigionera della torre del fuoco. I think it's safe to say they knew each other.
Gallea also worked on Vulcano, La leggenda di Genoveffa and Il figlio di Lagardere.
Rodolfo Lombardi also worked on Aquila nera and Il diavolo bianco.
Ugo Lombardi also worked on Aquila nera.
Sensani also worked on Tosca and La Contessa di Castiglione

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