Rossano Brazzi: Film Title Index

Bridge of Glass, The (1940)   
Brutal/Brute Force, The (1940)   
Destiny in Your Pocket (1938)   
 caduta una donna (1940)   
Fate in Your Pocket (1938)    
Fine Romance, A (1988)   
Il destino in tasca (1938)     
Il ponte di vetro (1940)   
Il processo e morte di Socrate (1939)   
La forza bruta (1940)   
Piccolo Hotel (1939)   
Small Hotel (1939)   
Trial and Death of Socrates, The (1939)   
Ritorno (1939)   
Traummusik (1939)   
Woman Has Fallen, A (1940)   
Ticket to Ride (1988)   

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