Rossano Brazzi Filmography

Damals (1942)

L'Accusata/ The Accused

Rossano Brazzi in a scene from Damals, 1942. Video of full scene is below.
Rossano Brazzi
Zarah Leander
Hans Stüwe

Rolf Hansen

Peter Groll
Rolf Hansen


Listed as comedy.


90 min, b&w


Spending so much time tracking down Italian films, we've had little opportunity to track down the German ones - he did win a "Best Foreign Actor" for his role in this film. As we learn more about it, we'll pass the information along. Consider, too, that in 1943 Germany meant Nazi Germany -- much of their work during this period may be difficult to find.

Zara Leander plays an English doctor who finds work in a South American clinic after suffering years of guilt for endangering a patient's life, but is then accused of murder. Directed by Rolf Hansen; music by Lothar Bruhne and Ralph Benatzky; co-starring Hans Stuwe and Rossano Brazzi. B&W, 90 minutes, Germany, 1943, German dialogue.


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