Rossano Brazzi: Film, Theater and Other Awards
(Incomplete List)

Personal Awards

On May 20, 1964, the President of the Italian Republic, Antonio Segni, conferred upon Rossano the title "Commendatore" (R.I) as a measure of respect for his body of work, and his promotion and support of the country of Italy, both at home and abroad.

The Italian Critics Award: Theater

1940 The Jester

1943 Othello

1944 Les Mal Aimees/Malanime

1945 Francesca da Rimini

1946 Faust

1947 Strange Interlude

Theater Awards: Other
The Vein of Gold/Amateur Actor society Contest, Rome, first prize, circa 1937, exact date unknown

Film Awards: Other
At least 5 Italian equivalent of "Academy Awards"

"Nastro d'Argento" for "Kean" (1940)

"Tobis" Award (Germany) for "Ritorno" (1940)

Nastro d'argento (Silver Ribbon)

Corollo d'oro (Garland of Gold)

Noi Vivi, Venice Film Festival, 1942

Romanzo d'amore, Venice Film Festival

Highest Foreign Actor Awards, France, role and award unknown

Germany, for "Damals", Best performance by a foreign actor

Yugoslavia, for "Vendetta di aquila nera", Best performance by a foreign actor

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